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Indigenous Tourism Marketing and Production Grant

Please note the 2024 application period for this grant has closed.

Indigenous Tourism Marketing and Production Grants help Tribal communities create promotional assets that complement marketing strategies and tactics. Tribal entities may request up to $50,000 in grant funding for content creation including photos, video, and written content intended for digital and print channels. Usage rights for this content should be budgeted. The applicant is encouraged but not required to share usage rights with SWT.  

Indian Tribes; Tribal museums, art, and cultural centers; Tribal entities responsible for the management of natural resources and outdoor recreation; as well as Tribal economic development offices and other Tribal enterprises in the State of Washington are eligible for this grant. Tribal casinos and content associated with Indian gaming will not receive grant funding. Small businesses owned by Tribal members are not eligible for this grant. 

Applicants are encouraged to match a portion of their grant request with cash or in-kind contributions. Grant funds from SWT should not pay for staff salaries, debt, or interest payments associated with eligible projects. Applicants are also encouraged but not required to collaborate with local destination marketing organizations and industry partners on eligible projects. 

2024 Application Timeline 

April 1 – 30: Application period | View the recorded info session

May: A review committee of industry experts will evaluate the leading applications. 

June 1: Award recipients will be notified by email. 

July 1: Estimated date grant funds will be made available. Grantees have one year to expend the funds. 

Stipulations for Working with Contractors 

Applicants should express an intention to seek contract work from a third party without naming a vendor. When describing one’s asset production strategy, the applicant should include a summary of the tourism product or service identified for promotion and the means and medium of promotion, in addition to the desired qualifications and services from the vendor. 

Applicants must also abide by the following stipulations as outlined by the Washington State Department of Commerce:  

If a micro-purchase (up to $10,000) 

If a small purchase ($10,001 – $30,000) 

For purchases above $30,000 (or $40,000 if using a certified small or veteran-owned business), applicants will need to follow the federal procurement process outlined in 2 CFR 200 procurement

Applicants awarded grant funds must submit all contracts/contractors involved with each project to SWT for review and approval. Contractors must be billed on a reimbursement basis after services are rendered. If applicable, some eligible expenses can only be covered at OFM reimbursement rates

Reporting Requirements  

Grantees must submit two reports (an interim and a final evaluation) and comply with quarterly check-in meetings for the duration of the grant project. If awardees fail to submit an evaluation, their consideration for future grants may be adversely affected.  

The project evaluation should include: 

Be sure to view the FAQ for this grant program as well as the application portal FAQ. Additionally, you can watch the recording of the info session for more information. For questions, contact Tamara Rice at

These funds are made possible through a federal grant from the Economic Development Administration, awarded to State of Washington Tourism by the Washington State Department of Commerce for tourism industry pandemic recovery, and are intended for rural and underserved communities.